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Andrew Heermans
first console
It all started in the mid sixties when I told my dad I wanted a hi-fi to play records. He went to the basement and came back with a brown paper bag filled with resistors, capacitors, tubes, various other bits and pieces and a hand drawn schematic. He taught me how to solder, read the diagram and it worked. I think my brother still has that old rig. Dad also gave me a tape recorder so I started recording everything, even empty rooms. I now live on Madhattan island in the East Village of NYC and have recorded many types of music from classical to the avant-garde with artists from all over the planet earth. My band FUN received rave reviews from the zine press but couldn't get signed to save our lives. A few gold, platinum and silver records hang on the walls of my "office" at PRC. As always, I live to play and help musicians with sound advice.


Some recordings I've worked on
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